What is Lost Pet Registry KC?

Lost Pet Registry KC, formerly known as Lost Dog Registry, was started in 1973 by a woman named Janice Martin. She was an avid animal lover who met and became friends with a woman who was preparing to open a shelter called Animal Haven.  After the Shelter was opened it became evident there was a need for someone to help educate people and provide assistance when a pet went missing. The Shelter had limited spaces for incoming animals so it was extremely important to reunite lost pets with their owner quickly to ensure there would always be an open spot for an animal in need. This gave birth to the Lost Dog Registry, a non profit organization formed with 3 goals in mind.....

  • to serve as a centralized place for people to report lost or found pets in hopes that a reunion could be made before the pet ever had to be brought into a shelter,

  • to help reduce the shelter population by locating owners of the animals currently being held there, and

  • to educate the community on what they needed to do to quickly locate a missing pet, or how to proceed when they found one.


Over the years the organization has helped to reunite hundreds of animals with their families. Janice remained very active in the organization until her death more than 30 years later.


Current Day

In 2011 Lost Dog Registry closed their physical office location and transitioned to a web based presence with the launch of the Lost Pet Registry KC website and Facebook page. This enabled people to actually view reports called in by others, boosting the number of matches that could be made immediately. The ability to show a photo of the lost or found animal also was a huge advantage, since a persons’ description of the same animal could sometimes vary immensely. Pictures were key in reunions of pets who had been missing for extended periods of time or who had become dislocated away from the original area they went missing.


Please be an advocate for those who have no voice......tell your family and friends about the Registry, and stay informed about missing pets in your area so you can be another set of eyes to help that pet make it back home. Your simple act could literally change the life of an animal forever.